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zondag 5 juni 2011

Well my 4 day weekend has gone so fast = = makes me baww.  I wonder why fun things always last so short while school and boredom last forever .. But i will never regret the fun things in life ofcourse 
especially because of my awesome bf   he completes my whole life and just perfect for me   Well you know when you find the one when you found "him" 

                                                 2 years happily together



ohwell lets talk about what i did this weekend lol. I went to my bf's house and we watched a horrormovie called The Blair witch project its the first movie thats filmed in the Paranormal Activity way because its from the year 1994, so the camera's back then weren't that special as the camera's from today xD
Aniway this movie is about a group of 3 people who goes into a forest to make a documentairy from a witch called Blair and when they're camping at night they hear strange voices and they try to catch that on film but you can't see anything xD ohwell i'm bad at explaining things so here's the link to the movie where they'll explain you better x3   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0185937/  but i highly recommend this film to everyone 
 (even this picture is creeping me out )


Hope you all had a nice weekend 

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