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woensdag 29 mei 2013

2 year blog anniversary!!


Hello hello ~image
I am very sorry for the absence lately since i've been busy with the last semester of my school.image
I also notice that i dont upload as much anymore.. not even my birthday lol. But yeah that has already been 2 months ago.. xDimage
Aniway today is a important day for me, since it's my 2 year anniversary on Blogger!image 
I actually want to do a give away, just for the few people that still watch/read my blog. To say thank you , for staying with me all this time!image It's not going to be a big give away since i'm always short in cash right now.. and i want to save money for my vacation with my hubby image so that we can hopefully go to the Ardennen again this year!! (i want to live there srsly.. image)

And I know that i'm not that known in the internet world.. imagesince it's really hard to be "found" and getting "famous" or whatever.. but i'm still trying very hard to make my own stuff, especially since i started this course.image
It's a 4 year long commitment of doing my best and getting myself out there.. imageSo i also made a Portfolio site for my works that i made at school and at home.
here is the link lol!image


Errmm it's all in dutch for nowimage, but i had to make this site for my project this semester, to show all the work i've got untill now.image
But it's really easy to browse through since you can already see the gallery and stuff if you click through everything haha.image

Also to make this post less boring i posted some work i made in these few weeks.image
Again, i'm very sorry for my absence.. i still promised to do lens reviews and i will , so please give me some image

Thank you for reading and hope you all have a lovely day image

[Ice princess]
[Let's fly away together]
[no title lol, i had fun messing up my barbies for a school assignment]
[We shall overcome the dark]

zondag 5 mei 2013

[small] Updated works part 4 ~

[Earth keeper]
[Curse of the damned]

hi guys image
I had maybreak last week and i've spend my time of making something again for my portfolio xD
The first pic (Earth keeper) was alot of work with the make-up and i was actually inspired from this photo: 
But as you can obviously see, i did a really crappy job with the make-up since i just don't have the right tools for it..image So i just improvised alot at the end..image and photoshopped my own eyes on my forehead as well haha.
The second and the third picture was supposed to be a creepy maid picture.. but i made it different in the end. You can still see my maid collar in the first pic.
The make-up as well didn't go as i wanted it too..image urgh i suck at doing detailed make-up..
i need to practice more!!image

Aniwaaays, sorry again for the lazy ass updates..image i will try to make a review this week about the
Barbie - Forest series ~
So stay tuned image