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maandag 28 juli 2014

Kitsune fox mask make-up tutorial!



Hi guys ~ image
Another make-up tutorial for you all also part of the Uniqso contest!image
This time i wanted to make something different. I was originally inspired from the app Lineplay,
since i saw a white fox gacha, with kitsune masks as well.image I really tried my best to make it as easy as i could.image Since i can't explain it in words, i hope that my pictures will make it easier to understand as well.image
I'm also quite newb about this, so please dont be too hard on me lol.image

(also lenses are from Uniqso too, called the 
Phantasee - Venus mini scelera's)

Hope you all like it!image

fox5 fox4 tutt18
[blue and red]
[black eyeshadow]
full tut
[Since i'm not good in explaining in English, i really hope that these pictures are easy enough to understand.image
I really wish i could make a video tutorial about this, but since i'm really bad at explaining in talking as wellimageimage
i feel like a big failfest trying to speak english ugh.image]

fox1 fox3 fox2

This was my tutorial about the Kitsune fox mask make-up ~
Hope you all liked it!image


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