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About me


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Hello and welcome to my blog!
My name is Jennifer and i'm from a little (boring) country called Holland~
I'm 21 years young and my birthday is on the 22th of March.
My mom is from the Philippines and my dad is from here (lolol) thats why i dont look like
a full blooded HOLLANDER. (wich i dont mind!) 

I have a big passion for;

Creepy and cute things (even though i fail LOL)
Make-up(especially eye-makeup)
Photography  (random+macro love)
Photoshopping ()
Shopping (if i have money 
Online shopping(All day erry day~)
Circle lenses big big love)
Blogging (stalking lovely bloggers) 
NICK  (my one and only lovu )
I also like to read manga and watch anime~  (if there is any time besides making homework)


More random facts about meh;

I am very much inlove with my boyfriend (5 years together till forever)
I love to eat nutella on bread with CHEESE (hurdur)
My skin is horrible. (allergic to mites, animal fur, trees, grass etc + dry skin and eczema (WTF = =))
I'm an night owl, i really can't sleep at night (even though i'm trying)
I'm kinda nuts (huhu)
I wanna live in Japan one day with Nick! (already having a future plan,huhu)
I love meeting new people, especially on Blogger
If your nice to me, i'll be nice to you 

Woopie there is more, but i can't think of anything right now xD
I will update when this needs to be updated huhu~

I hope i did this introdruction well