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donderdag 9 januari 2014

Long time no update.


[Negative Space]


[Forced bride]


Hello hello ~
And happy very late 2014 to all!
I've been gone for a few months and it has a big reason behind it ofcourse.
I normally dont post super personal things in here but, i'm just gonna tell that i've been really sick since november till.. now.. And it got so worse that i'm in the hospital right now, and that i have to stay here for at least a week.
Well the reason of me being sick has to do with my skin. It's very infected and i had to deal with this for months with nobody helping me, or knowing what to do...
After lots of useless appointments with dermatoligists and doctors they FINALLY send me to a advanced hospital that finally took me seriously.
So the appointment at the hospital took place yesterday and i could immediately stay the night the day after, wich is today.
So yeah i'm typing this in my hospital bed and this will be my very first night xD
It's kinda scary since i've never been in a hospital so long before.. and well the scary stuff starts tomorrow morning.. i will have blood tests and start out with a new skin cream that has to heal my skin somehow.
It has some side effects to it, but i will be finding that out tomorrow..

And yeah my recent piece that i made, is the one at the top "Negative Space"
(inspired by Saccstry again)
I made that one on a day i actually felt a bit better..(last week) but ofcourse right after that i felt immediately sick again = =.. I was planning to make a series out of it, called "Broken dolls" with the ideas i had in my mind for a long while now. but i guess i have to scrap that plan as well.. for now.
I hope when i get out of here, i'll be able to continue with this. But for now i have to heal and wait..

The other two ones are some older pieces made in oktober - november.
I could say that "Wither" describes perfectly of how i'm feeling right now and probably looking as well.. if it wasn't that extreme i wouldn't be here in the first place = =..

Well this was all i could tell for now, there will be upcoming reviews in the future, but that will be when i'm fully restored ~

Hope you all have a pleasant day ~