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dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Update II

[Royal cannibal]

Hi guys image~
Dunno if anyone cares, but yah i will be updating some projects here that i've been working on these days. The first two were made 2 days ago and i was really inspired by the winter [coming very soon, ughimage] and actual frostbite. Yes it's really gross looking through google images to find something for my pictures but yeah...image this came out of it and hopefully not too disturbing as it is in real life hahaha. image

And as for my 3rd picture, i've actually been keeping this project for a few weeks now, since i've been uninspired and lazy at that time..image but i'm really glad i finished it now.
I didn't think that the outcoming would look like this, but it does somehow remind me of Tim Burton movies, wich i love!image And yeah i was inspired by music i mostly listen to for inspiration ~image I just kinda create this character in my mind that's evil.. and this is what it sort of looks like !...image Not exactly like in my mind.. but close! imageAnd i'm happy enough with the result, since i spend a long time editing this xD
Andd since this is halloween month, i'll probably do more scary looks in the future!image

hehe be prepared for more goreyness image~