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dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

Lime Crime Red Velvet review ~


Hi guys ~image
Back with another review, that i purchased on my own this time!image
It's the Lime Crime liquid lipstick Red Velvetimage
I wanted this lipstick for soooooooo long, but i was never able to buy it, because of the price.image
It's 17$ on the site, but with shipping it costs 10,95$ more, wich is like 27,95$ for me image
And all in euro's is 21,35.. ugh so expensive for just one lipstick..http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z479/lolehhe/tumblr_m2j6c7TjkZ1qdo9j4.gif
but worth it, since i wanted to try this out really badly!http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z479/lolehhe/tumblr_lyx1r1brGi1qcfn0j.gif

go down for the full review ~

limecrimereview1 limecrimereview6 limecrimereview4 limecrimereview2 limecrimereview3 limecrimereview7 limecrimereview9 limecrimereview10 limecrimereview8

'Long-lasting liquid lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries completely matte. Our inspiration behind this product? Rose petals!'

My good and bad experiences with this product:

-This is such a beautiful dark red color that fits with any ocasion ~
-It's really easy to apply on your lips and you only need one swipe to get your lips this color!
-Turns matte immediately after a few seconds
-Super cute package!
-Super fast delivery (only took me one week!)

-It's not that long lasting as everyone says, because it only takes me one meal to redo my lips again unfortunately..
-Also not kiss-proof..
-After rubbing my lips, it also swipes off pretty easily.
-It's best to exfoliate your lips first before putting this on, since it will look
really ugly with chappy lips..
-Expensive for foreign buyers..

Well i'm pretty bummed my experience isn't as great as others who bought this product..image
this just keeps me searching even more for the perfect long lasting lipstick.image
But i'm gonna keep using this ofcourse, since i like the color and how it looks on me.image

You can buy this product here ~

limecrimereview11 limecrimereview12

I'll be back with another liquid lipstick review soon ~image

till then, thank you for reading!imageimage



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