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donderdag 29 september 2011

The princess dress~ +ordered new lens~

Hey people~ 
Soo i finally wore my dress today at school (because i felt like it! huhu)~
And i also did my hair so it would match the outfit xD Used 2 different hairsprays to keep my hair
curly (after a few hours the curls weren't clear anymore but kept the volume)
meh i really wish i could do more with my hair, but it won't stay so sorry if my hair looks boring all the time.. i wish i had a hairstylist.. sigh 

Aniwaaay besides all that i also ordered a new lens from Eyecandylens~
yes i know that i bought a lot of lenses these past few months, but i can't help it xD
its so irrestistable and i want to have a lot so i can vary my make-up all the time
And yes after this lens purchase i'm broke for a while xD so i hope i will be sponsored after that haha!

aniwaaays here are the details of the lens:

Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise from Eos~

14.5 MM

when worn~

hmm so pretty they kinda look grey/light blue-ish in different lights so this will be an interesting colour for me! huhu i hope this colour will fit me xD

Sooo i'm going to sleep now LOL, hope you all have a niceee daaay


woensdag 28 september 2011

A delightful yet playful afternoon ~

Sorry if i haven't been able to upload daily.. its becuz of too much homework
But i'm back today and here are tha pics of tha past few days~
I also made a little photoshoot today with some deliciousness and mini Gogo dolls

hope you enjoy them 
(Oh and i also got a B+ on my english subject yesterday, YAYY)


The saleswoman look (LOL)

Soo this was my post for today!
hope everyone has a fineee day, even if you go to school or not