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woensdag 7 september 2011

2,5 year anniversary ♥ and received my Macaron (puffy 3 tones) Brown lenses~

Hellooo everybody!
today is a very special day for me and Nick
cuz its our 2,5 year anniversary! 
unfortunately we couldnt do anything today because of schoooland we dont have any money to spend on something also  I'm really bummed about that,
but we will try doing something in the weekends, because we must!
I really can't believe that time passed so quikly, in a half year of now, we will be together for
3 years already! I'm really starting to feel old, haha! I think that
normal couples in the age of 24 or so, will be married after like a year or so? xD hmm, ohwell
depends on the person ofcourse

Sooo here's also my "anniversary look" lol, i made more effort in the make-up ofcourse xD
and i did my nails last night

heehee Rilakkuma wannabe nails~

Aniiiwaaayss on to the lenses i received them today along with another package!
I really can't believe that my lenses came so quik! I love Eyecandylens
such fast service * ^*
 i thought they would arrive
friday or saturday, but NOPE, i'm so lucky enough to receive them today xD it really
felt like an anniversary gift. haha! 

 Cute mystery giftt! * ^*

Sooo that was that for todayy, i will review my lenses tomorrow, cuz i will
be wearing them all day long at school

seee ya'll next post!


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