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maandag 19 september 2011

A very interesting weekend~

Hello y'all!
sorry for the late update, i was really tired to upload all the pics i made these past days
soo i finally did that today huhu
aniwaays this weekend has been really interestingfor me xD many things has happened,
funny yet sad things too, i will write a little story by a few pair of pics what happened, so you wont have to read a bunch of text here

lets get started shall we? enjoy the edited and non-edited pics

Friday ~

As you can see here a friend of mine named Maaike made some coool and cute sketches drawn by her own hand~ woohoo The chibi underneath the Hibird is supposed to be me LOL. I really love her drawing skills, she's really good! 
the link of her deviantart is in her name huhu you should totally watch her~

Right after school ended ,i had a short date with my cutiepiee He went all crazyy and cute
and couldnt leavee me alonee haha~ we had so much fun that day, still can't believe after
so long being together our love still grows for each other everytime we see each other again~
he's my true love <3

Saturday ~

Well obviously my outfit and look of the day, YES i have curls in my hair, i braided them the night before and VOILA, volume has made it into my hair.

 omnomnommmss <3
A large p*nis hotdog?  
 Soooo.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS.. can you guess?
yays one my newest buys

Sooo i wen't with Nick, his parents and his grandma to a BIG-ASS market where they sold a looot of cheap and expensive stuff (mostly garbage lol) but also nice old furniture ~. I dont have pictures of that because i wasn't sure if i could make any pictures there .. soo i still made a few pics of the canteen and the food lol. I had a really fun time watching all the stuff and hoping that i could buy more of them but there was no money left.. 

aniways another funny story  while we were heading to the car, Nick's grandma had to take a leak in the parking lot behind someone elses car xD and after she was done the OWNER of the car came and was stunned that someone left a little pool behind his car rofll he didnt say anything and watched us the wholeee time untill we left xD it was kinda creepy lol, i'm glad he didnt came over, cuz what can you do about a grandma who has needs? xD 

Sunday ~

 Using my neww colourpalett, my look that day ~
 Hello thar cutienoms
The GLARE with a cookie ~

Soo this was the saddest day of the weekend.. as you can see we found this bird
across the road while we were walking the dog. It couldn't fly, walk and it was just crawling across the road trying to flap its wings.. I was convincing Nick to bring him home and trying to call the animal-ambulance so they could rescure him.. but unfortunately we couldnt do anything The ambulance only had time to come the day after and there wasn't much time left for the bird because Nick's dad discovered a big hole underneath one of the bird's wings that was leading to his stomache.. you could see his organs and all and it was horrible > <.. the bird looked fine before we actually saw the real problem..
Sooo... the only solution was to put the bird out of his misery.. 

the last picture you see here are one of the last moments before his 'exectution'..  He was beheaded very fast so he couldnt feel anything, i am really glad that i wasnt there at that moment, cuz i couldnt handle it to watch the whole thing happen.. Nick was there unfortunately for him and he was very disturbed after he saw all the blood and body of the bird in the bag.. he had to throw the bird away, so i  felt sorry immediately xD 

I know this was for the best, cuz he couldnt have made the night if we didnt do anything about it.. 
R.I.P Nuif nuif you were a very nice bird.
i wish we could've saved you so you could fly again in peace, but now you're in heaven or somewhere else where you can spread your wings again ~ (hopefully with your head)

Sooo this was my weekend and i hope i didnt bore anyone with this post i will post more tomorrow cuz we had a photoshoot today!

wishing everybody a nice and savee dayy <33


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