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donderdag 22 september 2011

Look of the day + received Macaron (Puffy 3 Tones) Green lenses~

Hello mah pretty birds, hoho
Another boring schoolday for me today, but never boring enough with awesome friends
Aniwaaays i was super exciting today that i FINALLY received my sponsored lenses!
I got them from the nice people from Lensvillage I was super happy when i received them this morning lol (around 8am).   And i immediately put them in my lenscase so they could rest when i was at school huhu~  

I will for sure review them tomorrow, so staaay tunedd!
I already did try them out huhu and the colour is amazing 
but more info tomorroww~ 

 Soooooooo cutee  

Loook of the day~
Even though i had a white sweater and basic jeans on
 today i still wen't bold with the make-up xD
Used some random pink and purple and just blended it all the way together lol  Also created
some ilussion-like bottomlashes with my liquid eyeliner for a bigger dolly effect~ 
(I'm also lazy and tired to stick the real thing under my lashes)

Wooopie this was my post for todaay!
hope you all have a niceee dayy 
see ya'll tomorrow~


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