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maandag 26 september 2011

Lovely weekend + stuff i bought~


 Look of the day on saturday.
 New stuff 
 Hello kitty bagg bought at Claire's 
 New dress bought at ABC store~ 
 3D nail stickers bought on Ebay 
 Light baby blue nail polish from Essence ~ 
 New necklace 
 new necklace and birdie
 Playing with playful Hondjee 
 Cute face on the left 
 Big ass spider-nest when we were heading to the bus station at night
Cuteee bunny from Nick's uncle called: Flappie 

Herro people!
How was your weekend? I had a pretty busy with (our last ) beautiful weather this weekend.
At first we went to the city for some shopping (especially me lol), bought a cute (!) dress, hello kitty bag, 2 necklaces, nailpolish and some presents for my friend Maaike who's birthday is this weekend  , Nick bought him some cute shirts for himself and a new hat (that he bought at his uncle's house). Later that night we wen't shortly to his cousin's party and afterwards we went to the movie (around 10pm) called Apollo 18. 

Well if you saw this movie then you know how disturbing and paranormal this looks just like
Paranormal Activity, but then in space xD  But if you dont know, this movie is about old footage from 3 men who went to space in the 70's. They have a secret mission to go to the moon and explore the place and do some digital stuff lol. They travel about 4 days to go there and right after the 1st day of landing and exploring, STRANGE things happens   Weird rock-like aliens are secretly attacking them and one of the crew-members were getting infected by the strange alien   If you want to know more about the movie click here xD 

On sunday we visited Nick's uncle to see his cute daughter Alissa, but unfortunately she wasnt there  Soo Nick was exploring his skate-shop in his backyard and bought himself a new cap. I also got 4 free laces (CRAZY) from the brand mister lacy  I didnt want to accept it at first but he was so persistent  Forgot to make pictures of that, but i will make them soon just in case xD. 

Well this was my weekend xD Hope you all had great weekends too 
Soo i'm going to sleep now, got a English test tomorrow  hope i'll do well ..
Have a nice day everybody



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