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zondag 11 september 2011

Another peaceful trip ~


Hellooo guysss
Sooo i wanted to celebrate my 2,5 year anniversary with Nick this weekend, but the only day
when the weather was normal, was on saturday xD. Sooo we took the scooter out again and went on a lovely sightseeing ride for a few hours long~ 
I really enjoyed the view and we got to see other places as well, where we never been before
Alwayss nice to explore other places, even when you get lost, haha
Aniwaaays this post is very pic heavy sooo enjooy

Ending this post with a BIG-ASS mosquitooo !

Weeell i'm going to sleep now, its almost 3 am here xD
sooo wishing everybodyyy a loveelyy daaay



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