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woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Bottom lashes review~

today was a very tiring and exhausting day. i just HATE the first day of school.
meeting new people should be exciting but, it was everything besides that.. i ended
up stting in class with the people i hate the most.  I'm already trying to get into another class
so i hope everything will turn out alright.. its a very long story why i dont want to be with those
people in my class, so i'm just gonna skip telling that and go on with the review i promised

outfit of tha day.

The review~

I am really happy that i bought these lashes, i never had bottom lashes before
and i really wanted to try that out before buying any expensive ones and regret it later.
i'm really addicted to Ebay now! i love how its so damn easy to order something and receive it a few weeks later. (i never ordered on my own on Ebay before rofl) And these lashes came very fast too!
i normally have to wait 2 weeks max when ordering something from Hongkong, but these came
just 10 days after ordering  i'm loving the service! aniwaays about the lashes,

Like -
-They are easy to apply.~
-You can cut them up without spilling some loose hairs (normally happens with bigger lashes, or i'm just a failure in cutting lol.)
-Creates a cute and finished look~
-Fast shipping (Arrives after 10 days from Hongkong to the Netherlands)
-Includes 10 pair of lashes.~
-VERY CHEAP. ($2,75 with FREE shipping) 
take a look over here if you're interested 

Dislike -
-No glue included.
-does not stay for long if you have wet eyes (like crying etc.)
-You have to add lots of glue or they will fall off also after a while.

Soo i hope you guys liked my review
and find it usefull xD haha.
sooo this was my post for today~

untill next post- 


dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Something came in my mail today~

Hello hello~ 
How is everyone?
Sooo i finally received my cute and cheap bottom lashes that i bought on ebay!
thesee were soo cute too resist so i had to buy them
they also came very fast after one week of ordering them it usually
takes to two weeks when ordering something out of Hong kong, so i was lucky this time xD

I'm gonna review them tomorrow , so stay tuned

Alsooo my look of today and my cute hamster Booo <3 

Cut mah fringe again~

That was it for today~ 
gonna post more tomorrow and also about my first day of school 

Seeeee yaaa