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donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Ordered new lens~ and having a sunny random day~

Hello !
Heeheee i'm excited again cuz i ordered another lens from Eyecandy Lens called;
can't wait till 2 weeks! want it noow

this is how the lens looks like~

And how it looks on a person, lol 

The great thing about this lens for me is that its 15 mm and that it will still give me a more naturel yet big eyed look, hehe. And it has a cute flower pattern in it, that you probably only see in bright light xD but i will be finding that out soon 

Well i've decided i want 15 mm lenses only cuz i'm used to have big eyes now, xD
maybe someday 14 mm's, just to try out the difference 
but for noooow, yah i like 'em big, huhu 


Aniwaays on to my random dayy, the sun finally came out again!
and i wen't to my Nicku's place to have some sunburning hurdur.
It was really hot! (especially with a vest and jacket on lol.didnt expect the sun to show up..)
anihoo, i went to the store to buy some cute nail stuff and a off-priced eyeshadow base from Essence.
Nick also fed some chickens when we were on our way lol.

And ohyeahh this is an awesome from mom to gyaru transformation you gotta watch!

Wooopie this was my random day xD 
hope you all have a nice and sunny day as well 
until next post~


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