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maandag 22 augustus 2011

Fun at the Beach Beach~ [Part 2.] [WARNING: includes 81 pics]

Hey guys!
I have been gone for a while, but i'm back now
This post includes all the pics that were left when i went to the beach wednesday
Soo this is gonna be a reaaal long post, so if your bored already by the 50th pic, sorry xD 
Well i warned you 

All pics are made with my camera~

Ahh, delicious poffertjes with strawberry's and whipped cream * ^*
With strawberry milkshake, yumyum :3

Yay the birds were back this year!
lol at the flirty eyes.
Wooopiee. Me with the birds, for FREE xD [you had to pay money, but i guess i didnt have too xD]
Our way back home~

So thankyouu for watching this all the waaaay down. xD 

Hope you liked the pictures 
Have a niceee day everybody!


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