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donderdag 4 augustus 2011


Ahh i really had a fun day today with Nick
We finally had some good weather today and we enjoyed the warm sun while it lasted.
I also made a lot of pictures of Hondje and Mace( the cat) and some other randomness that occured that day 

enoy tha pictures 

Winstonn <3
Misa and Boo <3
Bijou <3 [Excuse me for the super bad quality here, my phone has no flash = =; ]
ROFLL. Mace sleeping with one eye open xD
Woopie, Mace has awoken~
cuddle cuddle. *-*
Hondje being curiouss :3
Elegant pose part I
Elegant pose part II
Elegant pose part III hurdur.
Posing <3
Oh hai there! 

OKAY prepare for something horrible ROFL.
we had so much fun doing this LOL.
me loves Nicku forever <3
Cute dog we saw at the petstore! <3
D'awwwww * ^*

Well i hope you enjoyed the pictures just like i did lol
and wishing ya'll a happy dayy

byeebyeee thanks for watching and reading


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