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woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Dark grey smokey eye tutorial~

how is everybody?
well i made another tutorial for you guys!
and all i can say is that i hope you like it, hehe

Well, lets start!

1. Use a eyemouse eyeshadow as your base and apply it all over your lid with your fingers.
2.Use a white eyeshadow and apply that all over your lid.
3.Get a grey color and apply that above your lid.
4.Take your black color and apply that in the outer corner of your eye and blend it in with the grey.
5.Take your white eyeshadow again and apply that on your lower lashline.
6.Then draw a line on your lashline and create a wing.
7.Draw a halfway line on your lower lashline to connect your wing on your upper lashline.
8.Fill in your waterline with a white eye pencil.
9.Fill in the inner corner of your eye with the white pencil.
10.Set your lower lashes with mascara.
11.Curl your lashes.
12.Apply your fake lashes and set your lashes with mascara.
And you are DONE.

Stuff used ^

Further results~ 

I hope you liked my tutorial!
maybe next time, its gonna be a vid tutorial~
if  i find a decent camera to work with 
till next time!


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