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zondag 7 augustus 2011

A lovely day at the Zoo part 1~

[WARNING photoheavy]

Oh hai there!
Soo i have been gone for a few days cuz i have been sleeping
over at my lovely Nicku's place 

Soo we had a lot of fun this weekend cuz we wen't to the zoo! called Burger's Zoo
with Nick's parents~  We had a real blast and i made a lot of pictures!
Unfortuantly the weather wasn't that great or horrible so we had no sun all day ^^"
But it didn't matter cuz we had a lot of fun

I also bought a few things on friday and a new outfit but i haven't made pics of the outfit yet, so
that will come soon

Soo enjoy tha pictures 
[pictures made with camera and phone, you can see the quality difference lol]

Saturday ~

Soo i will post the rest of tha pics tomorrow
soo till then, have a nicee day everybodyy


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