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donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Fun at the Beach Beach~ [Part 1.]

Hey guyss!
Soo as you all read in my previous post, i went to the beach yesterday at Scheveningen in Den Haag.
I took a lot of pictures and had a really great time! So many things happened!
We also had wonderfull weather with some wind cooling us off at the right time, lol.
I won't be saying much here, cuz all of it will be explained in the pictures, hehe 

Enjoy them

All of my pic's are made with my Camera. ~

We had to wait an hour before our ticket and OV were active so we had a free trip!
oh GOD NO. [randomness occured on that moment haha]
in the train lulz.
Arrived in the city!
Arrived in Scheveningen~
lol some weird new attraction for kids xD 
Most delicious white chocolate waffle ever!
Beach! <3

Woop that was it for today, more pictures, tomorrow!
untill next post~


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