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donderdag 30 juni 2011

Cute song~

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Such a cute song

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Picknick day at school.

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lol hi guys!
soo today i had to pick up my grades at school or the so called in dutch, 'rapport' card  and i couldn't believe that my grades weren't that bad!icon_confused.gif o.0 image by mayleatan so it was a miracle that let me pass this year woooooh 

Today we also had a small picknick at our school outside that our teacher planned for us. It was quite warm outside so it wasn't that bad to sit outside we also had a lunch with free bread, fruit and drinks that school prepared for us. I didnt really saw that coming so i was a bit surprised lol. but still liked it even though people touched all the food lol xD.

Woopie. Ready for some random pictures of today?

here we go!

Oh My Cuteness!

Grades! (Rapport)

'The Wig' Poster made by meh xD

Our teacher with our boring class

YEAHHH~ (ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk..)

Winston :3  

Boo aint dead x3 (photo made with phone)


Oh btw changed my Header, dont know if i'm going to keep it xD, what do you think? 

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