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woensdag 22 juni 2011

Somewhat different..

 Cute IconsCute IconsCute Icons 

How is everyone? wen't to my lovely Nick today and we continued watching the Slenderman series. If you dont know who Slenderman is read it here,  yugh i never knew that the man who made these videos would ever continue making them because i thought his last episode was the final one.. really creepy shit  Anyway i watch the Slenderman series on youtube.here's the link(if you can dare to watch from beginning to end)  Soo the story is about a man that records everything that happens to him because something or someone is following him called the "Slenderman" it seems that he can't remember anything he has recorded and he's starting to find some clues that leads him to something 'mysterious'.. dont know what that is yet, because the episodes are still running , yugh its so scary and it seems so realistic Ox even though they say its fake, it looks pretty real to me, .. ohwell, go find out yourself as well if your interested (tip:  if you really want to be scared watch this alone)

And i tried something different with my hair today even if it gets messy too quick when i lie down or just lean my head backwards on the couch but ohwell wanted to try something out with my hair, because i never do anything with it besides curling it xD  

I Also did my nails last night and it was the first time i used a toothpick for painting my nails i'm gonna use it more often because i never knew that toothpicks could be so usefull xD   woohoo first time ever that i made a flowery pattern on my nails! and it didnt fail too bad i think xD or i hope so..


Left hand fail = =


Anddd gahhh i dont wanna wait any longer

 Cute IconsCute Icons 

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the nails! Very cute! ^^ And lol lol are those Still The ruber bands i gave you! XD The hair looks really cute on you through! ^^

  2. ooo, the nails are so cute and beautiful. :]

  3. the nails look so adorable :) and you're looking so cute *_*


  4. @Lita, lolja ze rotte niet dus why not xD
    en dankuuu~

    @mccandie, thankyouu so muchh<33

    @littleclassyrose, thankyouusomuchhh <33 :D

  5. so cute! They're killing me with those teasers!!!


  6. you are so cute!!~ ^^ I love your nails! Painting with a toothpick sounds like such a good idea o__o I will do that next time!! I always buy those nail polishes with the small brushes, but even those are too big!!

  7. @Janel, me too! finally the 40second teaser came out today xD and can't wait for tomorrow woohoo :3

    @mimi, aww thankyouu ^^ and yes it is xD its cheap and its awesome xD

    @Calista, dankjewel :D

  8. you're really pretty!
    I love your nails :o one hand is always fail :D

  9. cutie nails :D inspired to do some tomorrow
    Thanks for your comment , Haha

    Check out my latest happy post!

  10. @jass, thankyouu, and yess thats always my left hand lol.

    @Florence, hehe thankyou :D and i like to see your nails as well if your done ;D

  11. You look so cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Newest follower here. :) Love those nails. xx


  12. @Valerie, thankyouuu :D and your welcome ^^ thankyou so much for following me :D <3

  13. Your nails turned out really well! :3

  14. @Tiffany, thankyouu very muchh ^^ really tried my best loll.