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dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Going to Italy~


Happy schooldays everyone huhu, except for the people who already have vacation i have to wait 2 weeks till freedom and after that i'm going to Rome/Italy for a week, yaaaaaaay  I'm very excited and yet a bit sad because Nick can't go with me My parents can't afford another person to go with them, or he had to pay for himself but he can't afford that either  muhh i want him to go with me I'm sure gonna miss him, but i dont want to stay home as well because i've never been to Italy before  But if i go to Italy, i can't blog for a week too because i dont know if they have internet there , but i will post every (good-looking) picture i make there and tell you what we've done there Meh even though i can imagine what we're doing there, most of all walking around famous places and stuff because my parents like to walk  yugh if its something i hate, then its walking, i get blisters very fast even though my parents almost forced me to go walking with them so i can practice before we're going there but i'm a very lazy person and i have better things to do then walking like some douchebag woowoo~ so here are some pictures where i think we're going too 

wooeh pretty x3
very god-like :3
This is where i think i'm sure were going too xD
Wooh pretty at night <3

can't wait to make pictures of this one!

ooh i'd like to walk there at night <3
nice <3

okayy, so this is where i wish were going lol xD gotta ask my dad about it later 

p-hellokittyncamera  hello kitty
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