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dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Summer look tutorial~

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yerro guys
sooo i decided to make a tutorial again and not just a tutorial, a SUMMERhealthypear tutorial 
i really enjoyed doing it and i hope it can be useful for you guys so enjoy the pictures

so 1st use a metallic gold eyemouse and apply it with your finger all over your eyelid.
2.Use a darker shade of golden eyeshadow and apply it in the hollows of your eyes.
3.Apply a orange color in the outer corner of your eye.
4.Apply a light green color in the inner corner of your eye and also apply it beneath your eye.
5.Take your eyeliner and make a winglike line on your lid.
6.Make a small line beneath your lid.
7.Fill in your waterline.
8.Set your upperlashes with mascara.
9.Curl your lashes and apply your false lashes.
10.Set your lashes with mascara.
AND YOUR DONEpiko-puko.net

Hope you liked the tutorial face-kitty

 Cute IconsCute IconsCute Icons 

15 opmerkingen:

  1. It's very cute! I like the way you do your tutorials. (: Like a mini film.

  2. @Valerie Zhang, aww thanks ^^ really glad you like it xD

  3. love the tut! :D you're so good with eyeshadows, I on the other hand don't know much, thats why i stick to magazine brands lol!

    and the way you process your photo is like summer vintage ^-^

  4. I love this tutorial~ What kind of camera do you use? It's very nice~

  5. That is gorgeous. I love how you do the steps! Do you use photoshop?


  6. @Yapo, thankyouu so muuch! <33 aww i bet you can pull off any eyeshadow :D

    @キャセヂ姫 , thankyouu so much ^^ i use a Canon Powershot G9 :3

    @D.Sadie, Thankyouu! <33 yes i use photoshop all the time x3

  7. Whaa real pretty! ^^ ik ga dit na mijn operatie proberen! :D

  8. gorgeous tutorial love the vibrancy! thanks for sharing (:

  9. whoa! You look great! This make-up really suits u♥

  10. gonna try this tutorial tomorrow night when I go out!

  11. @Lita, ooh nice wel laten zien he xD
    @ドリー , thankyouu <33
    @vonn-e, thankyou so much! ;D and its my pleasure <3
    @Mai Linh, thankyouu!! <3
    @Miyako the strange, thankyouu soo much!! <33
    @Nicci St. Bruce, Ooh show me how it will turn out ^^

  12. Great tutorial! You used really pretty colors. Love the nails too!

  13. @Eileen, thankyou so much!! glad you like it ^^