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maandag 6 juni 2011

Boring school is Boring. ~

Well greetings everyone. 
Today is a boring day for me, because i'm at school right now. 
I actually have a lot of homework to do and i'm busy with my flash website even though i really need a break right now, because i have been working on it for 3 hours in a row ..  School is so tiring ..

Oh well i'm actually now on a break or else i wouldn't have post this message right now  

meh here's a sketch of how my website will look like: bunnyy.gif image by cutethingys
(just to give you an idea lol.)
And as you can see my website is about Chobits icon_laugh.gif XD image by mayleatan For school we had to choose an subject about the things we passionate about the most lol. Well i chose Chobits, because its the best anime everimg127/372/animation7fm4ae6.gif



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