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vrijdag 10 juni 2011



So hi again everyoneWas adopted from http://cubestar.org, i haven't done anything special today unfortuantly but its almost weekend and i have more fun in weekends then in any ordinary schooldaytiger
I go to my bf every week and we always do something fun, so thats enough reason for me to blog about later xD
I won't be blogging tomorrow, so i will post something on sunday.icon_wink.gif wink image by mayleatan
Hope you all have a nice weekend


And here's a little ugly update about me today durpdurp.

Photoshop ftw. x'3

Becuz upside down photo's are tha best.

w161030_03.gif Music Hearts image by frostiingw161030_03.gif Music Hearts image by frostiing

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your makeup! I'm so jealous of your big eyes! Omgg, haha. Really cute blog ^__^