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dinsdag 21 juni 2011



Dont you think its a beautiful day for.. SUMMER?
i sure doo  wooopieee, this moment finally arrived for me the second i got done with my so called "presentation" (i thought it was a presentation but we only had to sit there, while the teacher shows your website and asks you questions) ohwell lets celebrate this with... CUPCAKES thats sure gonna nomnom for medomo hurdurrz553596  made these in the past 2 hours. ( one hour of baking and one hour of decorating) All made with LOVE~

cant wait to eat them! nomnomth_catarpillarcute

And i want this song to come out now
cant waitt for 3 days

wooosh have a nice day~

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16 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha. I notice you like to cook cupcakes. What are you, a cupcake addict? XD I can't wait for 2NE1's new song either!!! >u<

  2. Omg! I want to cook cupcakes now. Those look delicious.


  3. @Sia, yes i have a strong fetish for baking cupcakes huhu x3 make the them every week yeaaah. failed to post them last week becuz i forgot = = and yess i want 2ne!'s song NAO Ox

  4. yum~ those cupcakes looks nice! :D

  5. HI Dear ! Thx for ur lovely comment abt my first Vid! ahhaa.. i’m so happy that I receive positive feedbacks ! =3 thx for following 2~ i’m following back! ur blog is really cute! ( & so r u ! ) I love the background! I love photography too! I am saving up for a nice camera! ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  6. Those cupcakes looks soooo yummy! and delicious ! :D

  7. aww those cupcakes looks delicious~

  8. omg yumm!! now im hungry :( great blog :) im your new follower i hope you'll follow back :)

  9. OH Cupcakes! My daughter is ADDICTED to anything CAKE. It's been a while since we've baked...

  10. Cupcakes look delicious! Your pictures are really pretty :3

    Another 2NE1 fan, I see :D I'm super excited for their new single release on the 24th as well. <3

  11. love your blog sweetie... visit me....
    and shopping with me...


  12. I also looove 2NE1!! ♥ Niiice! *__*
    And the cupcakes look so yummy! q__q


  13. @HitomiNeko,Haha your welcome ^^ thankyou so much for following me as well <3 really appreciate it :3 and i'm saving for a better camera too ;o but no money's coming in right now ^^"

    @Sandy and Hyuna, thankyou so muchh :D <33

    @Peach crush, Thankyou and thankyou for following me, sure i will follow you back ^^

    @Janel, Aww how sweet ^^ hehe then you should bake with her :D think she will like that ^^

    @Alice, Thankyou so much! and yes i LOVE 2NE1 <33 i dont want to wait any longer x3

    @irene_shane, thankyou very much ^^ and sure i will ^^

    @Natalie, hehe 2NE1's awesomeee :D <3 and thankyouu <33

  14. ohh, the cupcakes look so yummy! i wanna eat one, too ;0;