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dinsdag 14 juni 2011

School project!

 birthdaycupcake.gif image by cutethingys :iconRaiyoku:
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Hello people
For school we had to make a product that we made ourselves and i worked together with Lita, so we decided to make a hairproduct! And we called it DollyHair with gyaru models on the packaging and yes i was the one who made the packaging x3.  this isn't a real product ofcourse xD but this is how it would look like if it were in the stores

pictures made by Lita~
So this curling iron has the ability to never burn your hair and whenever you use it, it will spray some protective spray into your hair, so you can use it whenever and where-ever you want! woohoo a dream come true huh? jk.wish this product really excists lol.  

My designs~

So what do you think? 
i might buy it if i saw it in stores xD

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey lovely Girl ♥
    Thank you much for reading my Blog.
    Ah hun! U r from netherlands? Im addicted to this country!! ;3 Maybe I'll go there on my vacation these summer again ♥♪
    **kisses nd hugs**

    Victoria ♪

  2. wow this this is sooo cute :3 for a second I thought it was a real product! haha I was gonna ask where you got it! Would totally purchase something like this :3

  3. @Hyuna yay thankyou so much xD that was what i'm aiming for lol xD

  4. Ohhhh! It's sooo cute! My god, I love it! *__* I would buy it, hahaha :D
    I like your blog, new follower! (:


  5. @Natalie hehe thankyouu ;D and yay thanks for following me :D i'm following you as well ^^