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donderdag 9 juni 2011

Continue-ing.. --

Hello Kitty 284173117.gif Dotje_love picture by Dotje_love Hello Kitty

So i told you earlier about my cancelled  presentations [X] and yeah it all went well.. (thank god!) It all moved to next week on the same day as my other presentation from my scary teacher. Even though its been cancelled 3 times because one day i was in the hospital, the other day i went home because i wasn't feeling right and the last day because it was a holiday.  so yeah seemed like it all was my fault  but it wasn't on purpose b'awww.
So next week will be our last chance to present everything or we will be doomed forever Meh i actually wanted it today as soon as possible because now my nervousness will be transferred to next week And it has been transferred many times --

So wish me luck guys 
i will report next week how everything will be then xD

2 opmerkingen:

  1. haha I know what you mean about getting more nervous each time it moves XD its like more intensifying things might happen but dont worry Im sure you can pull it off! All is well :)

    ~your blog is getting better and better ^-^

  2. Hehe thankyou x3 even though im still nervous for now xD And thankyou so much for supporting my newnoob blog x3 really appreciate it <33