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dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Outfit of today~

I was actually planning to make some cupcakes today, but because of a few circumstances i'm going to make them tomorrow. And because i already posted some stuff for today i dont want to be too hasty to blog my heart out lol. So here are a few pic's of mah outfit and my make-up for today and yeah my hair looks boring today as usual xD wanted to curl but no time ~ and sorry for the quality  i know it sucks

Pyjama outfit ftw.
meh dont like my face in here = ='

that was that!bunny
gonna post tomorrow~


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Geez. I'm such a fan of your make.
    Love the color of your sweater. ^ ^

  2. @Sia thankyouu ;D and i will post a tutorial about my make-up x3 its really easy ;D

  3. Hihi! <3 die sexy pyama van je staat je goed XD je moet die vaker aandoen :)

  4. @Lita, lol kwil die pyama wel vaker aandoen maar daar is het tegenwoordig helaas te warm voor xD

  5. wowow amazing makeup and such a cute outfit! I love how your blog is so colourful!! I'm your newest follower ^^

  6. oh, beautiful eyes! <3
    I invite you to my blog :)

  7. @Chococcuro thankyou :D thankyou for following me <33 :D

    @mccandie thankyou so much :D

  8. oo i love this look~! <3 i had hamsters once a upon a time.. the mistake i made was having 1 boy & 1 girl and then I ended up with 20, finding out which one was a boy & a girl was not fun lol -_-::


  9. @Kim, i know how you feel x3 luckily i didnt have so much hamsters in one time xD but they're cute and i want to buy more of them because i can't resist their cute faces in the pet store x3 but 4 enough for me xD

  10. thnx voor de follow ♪

    Omo, ik wist niet dat je ook nederlands was XD! Kwam er vandaag pas achter hahahaaa~
    maar ik ben zo happy dat er meer gyarus zijn in nl heheheee~~

  11. @baby.xi haha helaas wel xD en heh indd die bestaan bijna niet helaas = =' en graag gedaan ;D