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donderdag 16 juni 2011

Presentation doomsday~

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how are ya all doing?
well today i have 2 presentations and i already did one this morning with Lita Our presentation was about Albert Watson a famous photographer. Well you can guess that it went like a total FAIL because i couldnt get myself talking right xD, the only thing i got to say right was the introduction and who this guy was xD but i had my tekst on my laptop so i could read from it  but after that i had to describe his photos And yeaah.. it wen't all wrong i stumbled all the way xD and Lita was the only one who could say her sentences right So i looked like a failing fag infront off the class but i couldnt believe what kind of grade we've got xD we got an Excellent for our presentation loll (is the most high grade you can get) sooo, we were saved even though our presentation was really bad

butt.. we still have that other presentation going on and that will be in a few hours dont want too but i am better prepared for that then my last presentation xD no more random talking about some old man's photo's


OLD MAN. :3 (Albert watson rofl)

shakalaka boomboom~ hotdog

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  1. hello! thanks for following my blog and thanks for the comment ^_^ your blog is cute =] followed you back =)

  2. @Ani, your very welcome :D i love your blog as well <3 and thankyou so much, really appriciate it :D