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zondag 26 juni 2011

Adventure in the middle of nowhere~

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Movie nights~
helloo everybodyyredheart.gif red heart pixel image by blackkat06
im backk from my 2night sleepover at Nick's place woooh. we sure had a fun weekend together at first we watched 2 movies for each night. The first night we watched the horror movie Scream 4 and the second night we watched Insidious.. welll when we watched Scream 4 we were a bit dissapointed Nick hasn't seen the scream movies before and i did so i personally hoped that this time Scream wouldnt be so cheesy xD well it was.. you could just guess that the killer would attack any time and it did and the killer is alwayss one of the friends in the friendcircle.. muhheye and i also thought it looked too fake with all the stabbings and stuff. Dont think i'm gonna watch the new Scream movies  if they ever come out.
Aniwayyss we watched Insidious as well and this movie was a lot better then Scream. more horrifying and exciting for sure.  This movie is about a boy who gets haunted by ghosts who wants to take over his body. more info about this movie here I think that this movie was really scary in the beginning with the haunted house and stuff and later on with all the creepy ghosts you get too see.. and unfortuantly if i see too creepy movies i can't get it out of my head when i'm trying to sleep.. especially if were watching this movie at 12 of 1 am..  aniways i really recommend this film to anybody especially if you want to creep out on your own

 The Adventure~
Sooo i also did some little shopping this weekend and i had a small adventure with Nick on his scooter 
we went everywhere and nowhere and eventually we got lost as well xD but we have found our way back just in time before i was too late to get the bus home.  I really love riding on the scooter with him, even though he's the one who rides!  (cuz i dont have a scooterlicense hurdur) it gives me a relaxing feeling watching all those pretty houses come by on green landscapes while riding in the warm sun.face-blondd

Enjoy the pictures

Adventure pictures! All pictures made by phone.

Sweetypie<3 and durpface

Random place were we got lost.. xD

Creepy bug, bugging us xD


315zm37.gif image by cutethingys    My buys~

Well that was it!
have a nice daybow-cherries~
byeee It is icy

Julz's kitty   Foxat - 'Her mama's a pretty cat, and her papa a fox with fur as soft as clouds.

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  1. I watched insidious too!
    It was okay, it freaked me out at first, but it was okay xD

    Your dog is so cute!

  2. @Tiffany, haha same here xD and thankyouu its Nick's dog haha :3

  3. My bf was watching Insidious the other day, but I thought it was just okay :P I'm not a big fan of scary movies though. Your hometown looks really quaint - taking a scooter ride through it looks like a lot of fun :D

  4. @Rinny, yeah its not that super creepy xD but i still liked it ^^. and yeaah it is really fun xD i enjoy it everytime when i'm with my bf :3

  5. Cheers for following :)
    Oh my days, your blog is possibly the most adorable little thing ever! Much love.

  6. The picture of your dog is lovely! :D :D ♥

  7. thank you for following my blog :)
    yours is really cool!
    now you have 100 followes ;)


  8. i wanted to watch insidious but my bf is super scared of horrors so we never get to watch it! ): ♥horror movies are the best!

  9. OOH ! Insidious ! I watched that with my cousin !
    Your adventure looked fun and you dog is so cute ! :3


  10. @Chanel
    b.t.w. i forgot to say ! your blog is cute i follow ! :3


  11. Ahh such cute photos *__*! <3

  12. Such Lovely Photos! Love! <3

    I tag u in my blog! plz check it out ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  13. @lovepirate, aww thankyou ;D its not my dog its Nick's dog ^^ but she's really the cutest dog ever ^^

    @mccandie, thankyouu ^^

    @Mai Linh, Your very welcome :D and thankyou so much for making it a 100 <33 your awesomee <3

    @vonn-e, aww thats too bad xD were actually scared of watching them too lol, but its the curiosity thats keeps us watchingg :3

    @Chanel, cool :D aww thankyouu it really was fun ^^ and thanks its Nick's dog haha ;D she is really cutee :3 and thankyou for following :D

    @Melody, thankyouu soo much! :D <33 and she's a jack russel haha :3

    @HitomiNeko, thankyouu so much :D <3 and thanks for tagging me xD

  14. Lovely blog :) x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part- http://stylefashionvintagebaby.blogspot.com/

  15. @Bethany Heron, thankyouu ;D and sure i'd love too ^^