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woensdag 1 juni 2011

The dress and other new stuff i bought~

Well hello once again てれ
So here's the dress i also bought :3 I bought the dress in den Bosch in Holland at the store Falls.

yeah for me its an unknown store because i dont go very often to Den Bosch xD, actually this was my first time when i went there lol.キャハハ  But i'm glad that i didn't go alone that day :3, i went with my lovely Nickラブラブ And we went for the first time in his car as well :D he just got his drivers license and he couldnt wait to go somewhere togheterこじか

リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink リボン-borderspink

So yeah this was my dress xD ^  and now going further with mah other stuff~ 
So i got this new manga as well :3 (finally! haven't bought a new manga in monthsううっ...) But i got this as a little present from Nick because i'm such a poor person 号泣.. ohwell as a thankyou gift i give him lots of homemade cupcakes :3 becuz making cupcakes every week is AWESOME pandaCake+゜

Anyway this manga is about a cute rich girl who confessed her love for the first time to the boy of her dreams and after that he becomes her boyfriend, but she doesn't know what to do with their relationship, so its a complicated exciting love story woohooo~ yeah i'm still busy reading it, so i dont really know whats gonna happen next lol xD so maybe i'm gonna tell next time ;D.  
Bought in Eppo, Eindhoven, Holland

Nail polishess, gotta love ' em :3
yes i'm a freak with nailpolishes, cuz i can't get enough of them xD If i have the money i'll buy 1 or 2 new colors almost every week x3 but i'll make some more revieuws of that later ;D

All bought in the Kruidvat :3

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