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dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Hola :3

                                        sanx-1-4   cookie

hello everynyan ,

Soooooooooo. I'm still at school, today's a new day of boringness but a bit shorter becuz school ends on 12 o'clock (yay), i didn't had the time to post anything else yesterday because the minute i got home i jumped into my bed to take a nap..  and after that was dinner, homework and more homework.

Soo what to post what to post huh? 

Well i'm gonna post some pictures of my cute Boo then, the pictures are from a few weeks ago, but i haven't post them on DeviantArt.  

Well thats it for now see ya'll later qlia4-1

:iconRaiyoku:173378.jpg Dotje_love picture by Dotje_lovepiko-puko.net

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