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woensdag 15 juni 2011

My make-up tutorial~


Hi ya'll!
sooo i finally made my make-up tutorial, that is easy and for everyday use~
hope you like iticon_laugh.gif XD image by mayleatan  btw my quality really sucks  because my camera almost broke this morning the lens got stuck and after ive hit it once it went back to normal (THANK GOD)  can't imagine what i'll do without my camera bwahh  and btw this is my first tutorial ever  please dont be too harsh on me


1. Apply some white metalic eyemouse with your finger on your eye(this will be the base)
2.Then apply light pink eyeshadow and apply it all over your lid.
3.Apply a darker pink above the light pink.
4.Then take a green color and apply it in the inner corner of your eye.
5.Take a black eyeliner and draw a wing-like line on your lid.
6.Draw the line halfway beneath your eye.
7.Line your waterline.
8.Take your mascara and set your upper lashes.
9.Curl your lashes and apply fake lashes
10.Set your fake lashes with mascara
img127/372/animation7fm4ae6.gifand your done!!img127/372/animation7fm4ae6.gif

Products i used~

bought at Hema

Bought at the Gaisano in the Philippines

Bought at Etos

Bought at Gaisano in the Philippines
Bought in the Hema

Comes with the false lashes

Bought in the Kruidvat

Bought in Gaisano in the Philippines
I hope you find this tutorial usefull 


2 opmerkingen:

  1. you're so cute!!!!
    Thanks for checking my blog out :) Much appreciated :)

    Your tutorial is so easy to follow!!! I have no patience when it comes to doing tutorials :P

  2. @Mandy you are very welcome, i like your blog :D

    and thankyou so much xD that was what i was aiming for xD