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woensdag 21 september 2011

Nick's Birthday! (20 september) + Photoshoot pics~ (19 september)


Hey guuys!
Thesee past days have been really important to me, especially yesterday!
cuz it was Nick's birthday he turned 21! (such a full grown age, huhu) Sooo i made 2 birthday cakes for him, with the flavours chocolate-raison and Apple-cinnamon~ (one for the weekend when i was with him and one for his actual birthday!)
I also bought a necklace that he wanted reaal bad and made a homemade birthday card and ofcourse a lot of love

I also went to his house later that day because his family came over to congratulate him, his brother and his father of their birthdays~ (yes he has a twin brother and they were both born on their fathers birthday !) That is pretty special, cuz you never see that often xD haha aniways we ate chinese as dinner and i tasted for the first time BULL-BALLS or COW testikals wtff HAHA. yes i know sounds GROSS but its delicioous xD it just tasted like meat with a delicious topping dipped in saucee x3.
HMMM. haha try out yourself if you dare~

But meh i also got sick later that night (hopefully not becuz of the balls rofl) and Nick drove me home with his parents car, so i couldnt stay there for long. (Also not so fond of all the crowd in the house)

But i did had a great time with Nick and thats all that matters for me x3. 
Aniwaaays here are a few pics of mah look that day and the presentos~

Deco-nail attempt~

The Photoshoot with me, Maaike and Lita ~
Hehe soo i also had a photoshoot monday with Maaike and Lita and we did it for our school assignment. Our idea was to dress up like (gyaru-like) dolls and pose cute for the camera huhu. We turned Maaike into a Gyaru-doll and the outcome was amazing! She totally looked like a different person with make-up!  Lita did the hair and i did the make-up and the dress, vest and little hat she was wearing was mine too 

 Pictures made and edited by me~
(Me and Maaike)
 Pictures made by Lita and edited by me~
(Me and Lita)
 Pictures made by Maaike and edited by me~
(Me, Maaike and Lita)
Pictures made by the teacher and edited by me~

Hehee i really liked the outcome of all the pics, but ofcourse there were a lot of horrible ones too lol.
But we had major fun together and the one hour dress-up/make-up was worth it~
Hopee you all liked the pics lol! even though my face looks weird here xD

Haveee a wonderful day everybody!



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