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dinsdag 6 september 2011

Hoping for a solution..


Hello hello~
sooo these past days were really exhausting for me, especially because
school has started again. I dont have a proper answer if i will or not go to another class, but
i do know more of it now. I still hope that they will confirm to me soon about their answer. And ofcourse
i'm hoping for a positive one..
The reason of all this is because i dont feel safe in my class.. some of them have made my life
a hell a few years ago and i hoped to never see one of them again.. but unfortuantly they came back in my class.. and it felt like the horror started all over again.. i already wen't to the
school principal to handle a few things and this one was my biggest suggestion. All i can hope
for now is that they will understand my problem and putting me into that other class..

Afterall, I dont have much to post here..but i will post tomorrow, becuz tomorrow is a very special 
day for me   

The only thing that i have to post for now is my looks of 2 days ago.
i hope thats enough for now, haha!
sorry for this boring post!

Soo i hopee you all have a nice and lovely day
and untill next post tomorrow 



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