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dinsdag 2 september 2014

[sponsored] Phantasee - Blue mist & Silver princess make-up tutorial ~

Sailor Cosmos's RibbonSailor Cosmos's RibbonSailor Cosmos's Ribbon

Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal Sailor Saturn's Crystal
Hi all ~ image
It has been a few weeks, but i'm back reviewing lenses and make-up products this time!image
Featuring a long silver wig as well, all sponsored by Uniqsoimage 
The products i'm showing today are the;

-Stella eyelashes Glitter 5039
-Solone captivating dolly series - Magical mascara
-Solone Rose garden series - Souffle lipstick
-Phantasee - Blue mist
-Silver wig

Also made my monthly make-up tutorial wich was actually from august..image
didn't really have a original name for it, but i called it the

Silver princess make-up tutorial ~

Hope you all like my reviews and simple tutorial! image

Eternal Sailor Moon's Ribbon

review-phantaseebluemist14 review-phantaseebluemist15 review-phantaseebluemist16 review-phantaseebluemist17

Phantasee - Blue mist
♥ Brand: Phantasee 

♥ Origin: South Korea 
♥ Water content: 38%  
♥ Diameter: 14mm 
♥ Base curve: 8.6mm 
♥ Duration: 12 months disposable 

review-phantaseebluemist18 review-phantaseebluemist19 review-phantaseebluemist28 review-phantaseebluemist20
With flash.
With and without lenses.

Colour and design []
I really like how vibrant and natural it looks from afar and how it kinda looks like it has a blue
net over my eyes from upclose.image I was a bit skeptical at first if it would be vibrant since it kinda looked a little translucent in the lens case and more vibrant in the picture...image but i'm happy how it turned out! It's obviously not exactly the same as in the picture, but still a pretty colour! image

Comfort:  []
Good comfort since i wore these lenses for about 5-6 hours straight without any problems.image
(Always apply eyedrops for longer lasting lenses!)

Enlargement:  [] 
Not much enlargement since it's 14mm, but it doesn't matter that much since the lens colour really looks vibrant ~  image

Really nice and natural blue looking lenses, wich are perfect for daily wear!image
or whenever you feel  like it ~ 
Personally like big lenses like 15-16mm better, but these are really nice for a natural look.image

Want them? get them HEREimage

Sailor Moon's First Season Ribbon

review-phantaseebluemist27 review-phantaseebluemist26
Product reviews ~ 

* Solone captivating dolly series - Magical mascara *
review-phantaseebluemist11 review-phantaseebluemist12 review-phantaseebluemist13 10-1

Solone captivating dolly series - Magical mascara

+ pro's +

-Super cute packaging!
-The ball brush design is perfect to do my lower lashes with
- (even though my lashes are quite invinsible , i do like how it gives a bit of volume)
-Waterproof, smudge proof and sweatproof
-Easy to apply

- cons -

-A bit too pricey, but for good quality this mascara is worth it!

get it hereimage

* Solone Rose garden series - Souffle lipstick *
review-phantaseebluemist7 review-phantaseebluemist8 review-phantaseebluemist9 13-2

Solone Rose garden series - Souffle lipstick Happy Berry

+ pro's +

-cute package!
-Really smooth to apply
-Vibrant colour
-Very moisturising, wich is perfect for my dry lips

- cons -

-Non stain lip product
-Need to reapply after eating or drinking

you can get it for $11,90 at Uniqso HERE! image

review-phantaseebluemist3 review-phantaseebluemist4 review-phantaseebluemist5 11-1

Stella eyelashes Glitter 5039

+ pro's +

-very cute glittery lashes
-easy to apply on eyes

"Did you know; Stella false eyelashes are reusable for upto 20 wears?" )

- cons -

-comes without eyelash glue
-a bit pricey for one pair of lashes.

Want them? get them HERE for $7,90 at Uniqso.image


Silver wig


-100% heat resistant fibre
-Wig color: silver white
-Wig length: 100cm

+ pro's +

-Beautiful silver coloured wig
-easy to comb
-easy to put on

- cons -

-The front of the wig when wearing is very heavy.. it keeps on 
falling in front of my face.

get this wig here for $27,90!image


Silver princess make-up tutorial ~ 

products used:

-Essence liquid black eyeliner
-Eyelash glue
-NYX eyeprimer
-Eyeshadow brush
-Small eyeshadow brush

[white eyeshadow]
[silver eyeshadow]
[dark silver eyeshadow]
[black eyeshadow]

step 1: Start off with a clean eye and apply eyeprimer for longer lasting make-up.
step 2: Apply white eyeshadow all over your eyelid and beneath your waterline.
step 3: Apply silver eyeshadow all over your crease.
step 4: Apply darker silver eyeshadow in the corners of your crease.
step 5: Apply some black eyeshadow with a small brush on the line of your crease.


step 6: Apply some black eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes beneath your waterline.
step 7: Draw out a winged line on your eyelids and apply mascara.
step 8: Apply fake eyelashes.
step 9: Apply some silver eyeshadow on your brows to match your wig, put on  your pink lipstick and you're done for this look!


So this was my product review + mini make-up tutorial!image
more reviews soon ~ 
hope you all liked it!image

Have a nice week ~ image

xoxo  image

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