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zondag 5 mei 2013

[small] Updated works part 4 ~

[Earth keeper]
[Curse of the damned]

hi guys image
I had maybreak last week and i've spend my time of making something again for my portfolio xD
The first pic (Earth keeper) was alot of work with the make-up and i was actually inspired from this photo: 
But as you can obviously see, i did a really crappy job with the make-up since i just don't have the right tools for it..image So i just improvised alot at the end..image and photoshopped my own eyes on my forehead as well haha.
The second and the third picture was supposed to be a creepy maid picture.. but i made it different in the end. You can still see my maid collar in the first pic.
The make-up as well didn't go as i wanted it too..image urgh i suck at doing detailed make-up..
i need to practice more!!image

Aniwaaays, sorry again for the lazy ass updates..image i will try to make a review this week about the
Barbie - Forest series ~
So stay tuned image


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