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maandag 18 juli 2011


tearstouch  tearstouch 

I finally received my Bambi Princess Mimi Apple green lenses today! I ordered them from Eyecandy Lens 
OMG i'm soo happy! it took exactly 2 weeks from when i ordered and they came from HongKong woohoo one of mah favo city's in tha world  unfortuantly i can't put them in yet, because i have to buy some good solution but i will do that tomorrow and then i can finally try them on, after the six hours they have rested in my lens case

I also received my Rohto Lycée drops that i ordered along with my circle lenses
I actually ordered the wrong ones that can only be used without the circle lenses, but i will order that at some other time, because i dont have the money now to buy new ones  but, i'm still gonna use them, because my eyes really are irritated sometimes and this will help to relief my irriations and redness so i'm not dissapointed x3. Haha,  i actually used them immediately when i got out of the shower, at first i was scared to put it in my eye lol but eventually i got to courage to do so xD At first i felt a menthol freshness in my eye and after a few seconds, the feeling went away and my eyes calmed down and feels refreshed
so i'm sure gonna use them more often, especially when its so small and that i can take it anywhere with me xD.


Woopie my package! <3

Such a cute little bag <3

Pretty sparkly and Pink *-*

Soo cute <3

Free lens case included hurdur

Yayss my lenses <3

woohoo! can't waitt to put them in
and pictures will come for sure~
Aniwaaysss, my pictures of Rome wil come soon xD i just had to post this first, hurdur x3

Have a niceee dayface-blondd

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14 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so excited for your next post! :D I have Apple Green too, so I always love to see what other gals think of them ^___^ Oh no you got the wrong one! I'm glad you can still use them though and they work :D Maybe I'll get them too since my eyes are always so irritated from all the bbq I do at work, smoke eek! @___@

  2. Exciting! I can't wait to see how they look on you.

  3. Can't wait to see you in it! I bet they will look good on you. :)

  4. ah wow! cant wait to see you wearing them hurry buy solution nau ^________^~

  5. Its great ^.^ i wanna se you in it ^.^ !

  6. little bag is very cute. i love lenses. :)I am waiting to see your pictures from italy. ^^

  7. wooo cant wait to see them on you :D

    i love those lychee eyedrops :D i think the price is worth it since i'm able to almost finish the whole thing before the expiry date unlike the bigger eyedrops you get everywhere else xD

  8. I'm also curious about your next posts! :3

  9. Curious to see them on you! Btw I never soak my lenses 24hrs, i just plop them into solution and use them immediatly XD

  10. Jenniferrr :P Hehehe I saw your comments on my blog before but I never knew how to reply so I never replied -..- ... and I never really touched the followers button..
    Anyway, *^* bambi!! I bought the green one the other day for 20 bucks :S Sooo overpriced but meh.
    It's not here yet though!!
    And then today I saw a shop selling all three colours for 11.50 fml.. So I bought both brown and grey LOLOLOL
    rohto lycee :o is it good? i'm using rohto cube.. it's.. meh ~_~ maybe it isnt as good as lycee, idk really cus i never used lycee :o
    maybe the same?!
    wear em!! heck the soaking :P

  11. Can't wait to see you wearing them!
    I hope you do a review on the Rohto! I've been super curious about it

  12. Nice!

    I would love to see you wear it <3

  13. i need eye solution myself, im always on the pc, always! and cant wait to see those lenses on you! <3 <3 <3