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zondag 10 juli 2011

Hello guys!
soo yeah as you all know i will be going to Italy tomorrow for 5 daysimg127/372/animation7fm4ae6.gif
Can't wait will be missing Nick for sure ohwell its just five days and it will be over as soon as i know it xD.
And i really can't wait to make a lot of pictures there when i come there  i will make pictures from everything from beginning to endb10756257 soo there will be a bunch of photos to post when i'm coming back xD ofcourse all the blurry and ugly ones won't be posted huhu. But yeah till then i won't be posting here anymore  But nobody will mind ofcourse, haha 

Soooo here's some photo manipulation i made this hour, cuz i was bored yeah and some random cute pic's of Nick's dog; Hondje she's soooo cuteeeee, most cutest and sweetest dog in the world
No pic of me today, cuz i was lazy to put on any make-up today xD


Mah photomanipulationpiko-puko.net~
Photomanipulation made in photoshop~


Cute handome dog called Hondje~
D'awww Hondje!! <3

Can i haz some? *_*

Pleeaseeee  *__*

Got ya nose.

Cutee cutee :3

Oh hi. just sittin here.

Wooop! that was that folks!th_z10756108
I will be back in 5 days  Hope you all have a nice vacation if your going somewhere



20 opmerkingen:

  1. Awww the dog is so cute!! ^^

    Enjoy your stay in italy! :) :) my boyfriend has been there and said it was nice except for Rome~ apparently Rome aren't very tourist-friendly ><

  2. thx for dropping by my blog hun!omg your dog is soooo cute!!!! ♥ have fun in Italy!!!! can't wait to see your pix from the trip ^_^

  3. Have fun in Italy!
    The dog is so cute :)

  4. @Fern Li, hehe she sure is ^^ thankyou! :D and oh really? ;o i hope it won't be that bad if were there :I

    @ShineyPrettyThings, your very welcome! and thankyouuu xD she's tha cutest yes x3. and thankyouu so much :D <3

    @Grace, Thankyouu so muchh ^^

  5. Oooh your photo manipulation is so awesome *__*! And have a fun and safe trip <333

  6. Omaikot, zo awesome! Vergeleken met jou ben ik echt noob in photoshop >_<!

    Have a nice holiday! :D

  7. D'AWWWW, your dog is so cute~ En hahaha, het heet Hondje, super adorable! <3 Ik woon ook in NL, hihi. Nice to meet you. x

  8. Adorable dog! Have fun in Italy love, please take lots of pix :)

    Please check out my cute Forever21 tools & accessories giveaway! -- It's my first one :)


  9. That dog is soooo lovely and cuteeeee!! I want to huggg himm!! :D

  10. AWWWW !!! I love dogs, and this one is so lovely! *_*
    Seem you're in Italy... enjoy your stay there! :D

  11. OMG Your dog is sooo cute!!! >< I love dogs with pointy ears~ (: I think they're so cute like they're always listening to things around them~ hahaha cute cute ^^

  12. i love dogs! this dog is so cute. <33 successful trip! and take pictures! ^^

  13. Awwe your blog is adorable! I love these photos heheh. Doggie is so cute (:


    P.S. $25 giveaway to Apothica (an online cosmetics boutique) on my blog!

  14. Your BF's doggie is so uber cute! :)

    The Cat Hag

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    Please follow back me

  16. i want you to know that your blog is amazing!!!!!,


  17. @Marjolein Hoekendijk, haha its my bf's dog and yes she's sooo cutee <3
    @Phuju, thankyou sweetie <3 :3
    @Melody, lol thankyouuu xD and thanks <33
    @baby.xi, welnee man jy hebt ook awesome fotos xD en tis really simpel :3 and thankyouu <3
    @Wai, dankjeee Nick's dogg is indeed super cute <3 en haha kweethet xD erg origineel hehe x3. en cool ;D nice to meet you too <3
    @Jessica-Marie, thankyouu!! and yes i have ^^
    And sure i will ;D
    @cominica-ai ,hehe thankyouu ;D she sure is cuteee <3 and yeah she loves to cuddle haha xD
    @Mikarin, yeah she is tha cutest ;D <3 and thankyouu ^^
    @Miss Independent, hehe yes she is ^^
    @mimi, hehe its my bf's dog ^^ and yes she's the cutest ;D <3 and haha she sure is a fast listener lol xD
    @mccandie, hehe hondje is indeed cute <3 and thankyouu :D i will ^^
    @!♥ m i m i, thankyouu so muchh :D <3 glad you like it ^^ <3
    @The Cat Hag, Hehe thankyouuu shee sure is ^^ <3
    @Nob Miura, yeah sure ^^
    @Fowzee, Aww thankyouu <3 glad you like it :D