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dinsdag 5 juli 2011

My trip to Den Bosch and more~


Sooo as i said before i will post today mah pic's and buys from yesterday's trip

Enjoy the pictures   All pic's made with phone and camera~

What have i done today~
Nick came over to my house today and we went to the park in Veldhovenchick It was really pretty there especially with the nice weather we had today

WARNING! shitload of photo's

Me today~

Den Bosch adventure~

My Buys~

Jumper~ bought at H&M

Dress~ bought at H&M

Legging~ bought at H&M

GEEZ, okay this is like my longest post ever xD
hope it didn't bore to much lol x3

wooopwoop! byeepenguin

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16 opmerkingen:

  1. whooaa absolutely cool photos, it looks so charming! i love how you processed it at the same time i am digging your make up! so vibrant and you loom absolutely charming!

  2. The places you went to looks so pretty and peaceful! I like dress with the bows~ ^^

  3. Wait huh ?? So you are on vacation here in Holland or you live here ? xD

  4. great photos! seems like you had a great time! i really like your hair :)


  5. Awesome <3
    Love from your head to toe ^^~
    The clothes looks fabulous on you~
    Your Make-up is so pretty~

    The pictures are amazing! <3

  6. you look soo beautiful! :] and nice photos!! ^^

  7. Wow-- so many pics. <33 I feel like I went on that adventure with you. :]

    And H&M always has the best stuff~.

  8. @Maria Haha i live here xD but i never wen't to Den Bosch before x3

  9. And thankyou so much for the sweet comments everyone!! <333

  10. Amazing photos!!!!!!! I really want to go to Holland now, sigh. You're so pretty, Jennifer ♡ I really like your love heart tights, they're really cute!

  11. The photos you take are astounding, I love looking them over. the outfit you are wearing looks great. And I am extremely jealous of how good you are at doing makeup, because your eyes look absolutely positively awesome. Take a look at my blog if you have a chance :)


  12. @PopBlush, thankyouu! <33
    @Kristyn, Thankyou so much for liking my photo's really appreciate it :D <3 And thankyouu <333 yes fcourse i'll take a look ^^
    @Strawberry Freckleface, thankyouu :D <33

  13. Hey Jennifer,
    great photos! I really enjoyed them, especially the light effect is nice set. You were my first follower so far so I wanted to say thank you and share a "hello"! :D
    Netherlands are really a great country, I went there several times!
    Love from Germany :)