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zondag 24 juli 2011

reached 200 followers! + Adventure in Rome part 2


Hey guys!
Soo. I haven't been blogging for a few days now, sorry for that had a sleepover for 2days at Nick'sImage hosted by TinyPic.com place, and was busy doing nothing.  ohwell i can't believe that i have 200 followerss noww!!Image hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.comImage hosted by TinyPic.com
thankyouu sooo muchh for each and everyone of youuuu!!  i will keep trying to keep this blog interesting for you guys as you all know i've been thinking to plan a give away, but i can't do that now, cuz my money is still short by hand, so i will have to plan that later but if it comes, i will let you know~

Rome Pictures part 2~

Soo here are my other pictures from mah vacation in Rome, i'm still NOT done for uploading pictures, there will be more parts for sure and there will be pictures that i forgot to put in the first part because my dad didn't give me the rest of my pictures that were made on my camera
soooo, enjoy everyone~

All pictures were made by me and taken with my phonejelly-pink~


NOMNOMNOM. my delicous-already-bitten panini breaddd <3 with cheese and tomatoesss o__o

Old castle, where the pope once stayed

Just some proof that ive been there, haha x3

Some metal colored guy that stays there all day to collect money in the heat o_O

VIAGRA icecreaaam xD

Nope, its strawberry x'3

Beautiful fountain <3

Some guy selling bubble guns xD

Stay tuned for more parts



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11 opmerkingen:

  1. Those pictures are so pretty!
    And Congratulations on 200 followers! ^^

  2. Congratz on hitting 200 followers!

    I love the way you edited the photos, they look like old film photos. Rome is just how I remembered it to be. Still beautiful! LOL at the Viagra ice cream

  3. OMG Awesome pictures!! It must be a very beautiful place!! *o*

  4. congrats!!! in just 3months you've done so well! so proud ^_____^

    The photos are just soooo vintage~ I love your shots :3 you should teach me how to do that sometime ~

  5. pfft viagra ice cream xD congrats on 200 followers! Rome looks amazingly beautiful!

  6. Congratulations on your 200 followers dear! :D beautiful photos of Rome hehe~


  8. thank you for sharing the photos! they are just so breathtaking!

  9. @Joey, thankyouuu soo much!! ;D And thankyouu ^^ and lol yes
    didnt want too try that flavour out xD
    @Nenacho☆, thankyouuu :D <3 and yess its a wonderfull place <33
    @Yapo Nightroad, yess can't believe it either *-* and thankyouu <3
    Aw thankyouu ^^ and sure ask me anyime xD
    @Hyuna, yes lol i know xD and thankyouuu ;D <33 and yess it is <3
    @PHUJU★ふ, thankyouu soo muchh <33
    @Ellie, hehee delicious bread from heaven yes x3. and thankyouuu <333
    @Saving Capulet, thankyouu for liking them! <33

  10. Congrats on the 200 followers. ^ ^

    Wow! Rome looks so nice, wish I can visit there one day. QAQ