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zaterdag 30 juli 2011

A Harry Potter saturday~

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Ello guys!
Soo i have been gone for a couple of days and haven't been able to blog  sorry for that 
I will upload my Rome part 3 pic's soon, but for now you will have to do it with some random pic's that fills up this space がっくり Soo i hope you still enjoy them 

Harry Potter Evening~
Aniiwaaays, i absolutely loved this movie!Dont really care that i saw this movie this week instead of the date when this movie came out  Better late, then never. lol.水玉・汗 Aniways, I wen't with my Dad to the cinema today and we watched the movie around 2 pm It wasn't really crowded at all, yeah maybe a few people next to us but, we did sit in the middle of the room and had the best vieuw we could get lol 
Meh its really a good ending and all, but i still find it sad that its already over and that there won't be a next thrilling movie to come afterwards 

Here's a few bad quality pic's as proof that we were in the cinema lol.And wtff that first photo has some strange figure walking trough the screen  

lol creeeepy xD

woopie nothing more, sorry 

lol found this on my computer me having long and short hair old days, old days~

nyannyan, that was that!
see ya'll tomorrow


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