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maandag 25 juli 2011

Cats and detectives~

Just some random camwhore pic's from me and mah make-up these couple days

wishing a lovely day to everyone Image and video hosting by TinyPic


15 opmerkingen:

  1. Wooow, that's really beautiful! ♥


  2. Aww, you look so pretty! I love your eye makeup~ It's very dramatic but at the same time, very modern. :D Hope you're doing well!

  3. Wow! *__*
    Great eye makeup! I love it!<3
    How did you make it?? What did you use?


  4. aww... you're cute! you look asian!
    I'm glad I followed you. Cuteness overload. <3

  5. Love your photos! Makeup is pretty amazing. :33

  6. You look so cute and love the make up~~ :D

  7. you're so pretty!! loving the makeup :D
    i love how you use lots of colour~ i'm starting to use more colour in my eye makeup now! xD
    ..even though its a summer trend and its winter here... =3=

  8. y u so cuteee?! i love your eyes so much, so vibrant *^*

  9. oh you look wonderful! great make up and what a lovely face! <3

  10. @Anney, aww thankyouu <33
    @Natalie, thankyouu <33
    @ミッカ, thankyouu so much! <3 and i hope your doing fine too ;D
    @mccandie, thankyouu :3 <3
    @Mitsuki90, thankyouuu! <3 and i only used some blue eyeshadows and eyeliner x3
    you can manage the look too ;D Its really easy ^^
    @キャセデイ姫, thankyouu soo much! yes i love them ^^
    @Rayshi, thankyouuu :3 and haha i'm half asian xD. and thankss for liking my
    blogg :3. really appreciate it <3
    @Kristen, thankyou so muchh! <33
    @PHUJU, aww thankyouu <33
    @Fern Li, Aww thankyouu! <33 yeahh i'm a big fan of colors lol xD
    love to experiment even though it fails sometimes xD. Well it feels
    like winter here too ;o we had no sun these past weeks and its soo cold
    @Jodie, hehe thankyouuuu, i bet it would look good on you too ;D
    @Saving Capulet, thankyouu <333

  11. The eye make-up from the first picture is so gorgeous. ♥