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zondag 3 juli 2011

Den Bosch and other stuff~

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Ello everyone
Soo i have been gone for a day and i'm back today
Ofcourse i have been to my Nick this weekend and the weather seems to hate me wuh 

sanx-5-1 What i did this weekend~
We wanted to go to Den Bosch this weekend and we thought going with the scooter would go a lot easier then going with the bus well we we're wrong big time so we got lost driving around for 1 hour and went back driving back for 1 hour as well And the worst of all was, it was COLD and it was raining raining didn't last long (thank GOD) but the cold stayed forever my hands felt numb when we got back and after that we slept for 3 hours to get some warmth back xD.  So we're deciding to go on Monday and maybe with the trainapplee because taking the train from Eindhoven to Den Bosch won't be that expensive and it will take 15 minutes to be thereWas adopted from http://mewchew.org Aniwaaays Den Bosch is really pretty and the Church there looks really historical!face-blondd  I will take pictures tomorrow if we're going

some pictures of the Church
And some old pic's of my scooter adventure (All pic's made with phone.)

That was thatpinkgoldfish
have a nice dayoctopus~

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. you are soo cute!! and such a cute blog also ^^

  2. wow, such a beautiful church :) looks like a nice trip :)

  3. what an inspiring, the church is SUPER beautiful! I really want to go there now >.<~

  4. Hi Jennifer, thank you for joining my giveaway ;] good job with the sidebar pic, don't forget to reblog the larger banner please, it's one of the requirements. Thank You and GOOD LUCK! Btw, really beautiful pictures ^__^

  5. Zomg that church looks so amaazing! I luurve gothic architecture <3