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zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Last weekend of fun before Italy~

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Hello thereBunny-Box.net
Soo i'm back from my lovely weekend with 
Nick and we had a fun time making pictures with my phone together xD i discovered a new application on my camera settings and as you can see we tried them out hurdur.

I also did some small shopping and i will show that also~

Movie night~
Woohoo. We finally had a horror movie night again and this time we watched: The Bride of Chucky. I already saw this movie a long time ago but i wanted to watch it again with Nick.icon_biggrin.gif :D image by mayleatan The bride of chucky is about a possesed doll that kills people xD But this time Chucky has a playmate. huhu  Called Tiffany  for more info about this movie, go here~ Well personally i absolutely loved this film xD and  i really love the sequel as well called, The Seed Of Chucky 
So i really recommend this film to anybody cuz its awesome

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Had so much fun xD

Hehe stalked the cat. She didnt mind though xD

Random pretty sky pictures from Nick's garden~

Mah outfit for this weekend~

Yays cracking nail polish, bought at Kruidvat.~

Mint colored nail polish bought at Kruidvat~

Bought at Kruidvat~

Fake eyelashes bought at Kruidvat~

Sooo this was my post for today! tomorrow will be my last time posting before i go to Italy! Soo till then byebyee  and have a nicee weeekendImage hosted by TinyPic.com

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Hello Kitty

7 opmerkingen:

  1. So lucky! You get to go to Italy :O
    Hahah oh my gosh, I have that exact same dress! H&M right? It looks so much better on you though !

  2. Cute pictures! *__*
    Ohhh~ Italy?! Wow, awesome!
    Wanna go, too! ):
    And cute dress, love it! ♥


  3. OMg ! i'm going in Italie too , for a month .
    hope you enjoy it !

  4. Woah Italy!!! Have fun over there dear!
    Nick and you look so cute together!! <3 :D

  5. Haha I haven't seen those movies in forever...your pics are so cute, looks like a fun movie night!


  6. @Tiffany, Hehe yes from the H&M ^^ and lol thanks xD mehh i bet you look cuter in it too ^^
    @Natalie, thankyouu :D haha thanks ^^ its my very first time too so i'm pretty excited xD
    @Cclo, wow for a month?? we only go 5 days xD but thats cool for me too haha. and thankyouu ^^
    @erica marie, yeahh they're pretty old lol x3. and thankyouu <33