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dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Random dog post~ cute vs. cute?

Hai guys!
dont mind me posting somee random pic's of 2 dogs i love and adore its cuteness

winston <3
hondje <3
CAMWHORE. muaha.

Aniways sorry for the bad quality, they're made with my phone ^^', so bad lighting

aniwaaaaaays byeeee and have a nice day ya'll


10 opmerkingen:

  1. omg I LOOOVE your FOTD! you have a beautiful huge eyes~~~ ^^ *envy!
    btw, your header look cute! could you please tell me what font is that? thank u ^^

  2. Your makeup is always so gorgeous! I'm jealous ;__;

  3. they are both cute! as are you :D winston's ears are brown while the back of the head is white.. awwww. btw your eyes are mesmerizing! would love to see more eye tutorials from you (:


  4. you look so beautiful! and i love how you do your make up!! <3 and your doggies are very adorable!! i love pets!!

  5. @Lina Kim, aww thankyouuu <3 :3 haha i'm wearing my circle lenses on my picture xD
    i dont have such big eyes in real life ;'3. and yeah sure, the font is called; peach sundress ~

    @Tiffany-kim, Thankyouusomuuuch :3 <3 and dont be ;o i bet you look gorgeous in it too ;D <3

    @Xen-Lee, Hehe yes they are ^^ i love them :3. yess Winston's ears are the only parts
    of his body thats brown haha xD. with one black dot on his back and a few dots on his nose :3.
    And thankyouu! i'm glad you like my tutorials ^^. yes i'm planning to do more xD need to
    find the time to make them though x3.

    @Ellie, haha, thankyouu x3

    @Phuju Pham, hehe yes they are xD

    @Saving Capulet, Aww thankyou <33 and yes they areee ^^. <3

  6. your dogs are kewt! :D but i am more of a cat person hahahaha. xD dogs scare me a little. T-T LOL

  7. Your makeup is AWESOME!! *_*
    Your lenses are amazing too, and the dogs are cute cute cuuuuute! Love them :)

  8. @Fern Li, hehe thankss :3 hehe i love both cats and dogs :3. gotta make some more pic's of my bf's cat though, cuz just as cuteee x3. And yeah i'm more afraid of bigger dogs then smaller ones xD

    @Mikirin, aww thanks ^^ andd yeaah they sure are <3