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dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Adventure in Rome Part 1~

ring  ring

Hellooo guyyss
I finally started to edit my pic's of Rome and post it here, but there is more to come!
So enjoy and stay tuned 
All pic's made with my phone

Arrived at Airport in Rome and waiting for baggagee

In tha bus on our way to the City

Supermarket and stores nearby our Hotel~


Hallway of our Hotel (just a 3 star hotel, nothing special = =)

Paintings from tha Hotel

Trainstation (behind the man)

Shopping malls and Mc donalds :L

Cute puppy! <3 and scary no arm guy :I

Our way to the Vatican

Woop, tha pope's place~

To be continued~


15 opmerkingen:

  1. YOU LOOK SO SKINNY! and rome looks so...cultured and traditional :O just like in the movies ^3^

  2. i love your photos!!! looks like you had a great time =] can't wait to see the rest!

  3. Photos are amazing!
    And you look super gorgeous <3

  4. Naww can't wait for more photos! :D You look gorgeous as always hehehe. ^^

  5. I followed back love :)
    I love all your photos! I wanna go to rome too!

  6. och! great adventure. :)) the puppy is very cute. <3

  7. you look divine and your photos just took my breathe away! i love how to process your photos!

  8. you look divine and your photos just took my breathe away! i love how to process your photos!

  9. uwaa, rome ziet er zo romantisch en mooi uit :D!

  10. beautiful photos :) Rome looks amazing, I want to go there so much ! lucky you ^^ have fun there!

  11. @Ellie, lol thankyou x3 and yes it does :D there are old buildings everywhere *-*
    @ShinyPrettyThings, thankyou so much! and yes even though it was hot, seeing everything there still amazes me ^^
    @Lula, thankyouu glad you like it <3
    @Lizzy, glad you likee it :D
    @Melody, Thankyou! <33 and thankss even though my phone quality is bad xD
    @Phuju, hehe they will come soon ^^ and thankyouu x3
    @Marion, thanks for following me dear<3 and thankyou :D yes its really amazing there ^^
    @mccandie, hehe thankyou :D and yes the puppy was really cute ;o it wanted attention of all the people passing by, soo adorable x3
    @Saving Capulet, aww thankyouu :3 really appreciate it! <3
    @baby.xi, hehe it sure is xD zeker perfect for boyfriend erbij :3 jammer genoeg niet by my de case ;-;
    @Fionaa, thankyouuu :3 and yes it really is ^^ only this time of the year is the hottest weather out there ;o. So drinking ice water is a must xD

  12. Mooie foto's ^^ sorry for vet laate reactie! D: maar still bedankt voor je reactie's ^^ hoe is je vakantie? :) en in welke klas zit jij eigenlijk xd

  13. @lita, thanks :3 maakt niet uitt x3. Vakantie is quite relaxt, ookal is de zon verdwenen sinds ik terug ben = =' en geen idee xD zijn de brieven al binnen dan? xD