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zondag 3 februari 2013

My works from the past few months.



Hey guys! image
Long time no see i know.. i have been busy with school alot.image
And well i can show you some stuff i made lately!image
The first picture(above) was my school project picture for the second period of this year. Well i was pretty happy with it but the presentation of it didn't went so well..image
So i got a lower grade then i should have.. But at least it's still good enough for passing this project..image

All my other pictures are from the past few months.image
Some recent and some old are mixed.
I will probably update some more of this stuff. If it's already shown in school already.
So stay tuned for more! image


Assignment Photography.
Had to make a difference between backgrounds. (blurry and sharp)
ivy2 ivy3 ivy

Photography assignment:
Maffia series.
maffia_11 maffia_31 maffia_61 maffia_21 maffia_41 maffia_51

Editing assignment:
Creating a surreal background
Jennifer_dramatischlandschap3 Jennifer_dramatischlandschap2
before and after ~

Photography assignment:
Coca Cola business look.

Photography assignment:
Creating a story out of 8 pictures.
foto_1 foto_2 foto_3 foto_4 foto_5 foto_6 foto_7 foto_8

VMG assignment:
Creating a story out of 5 pictures, subject: Up and down.
ivyenzo ivy_klimt ivy_klimt2 ivy_loopt ivy_loopt2

Free time editing:
Coloring black and white pictures.
dorothea girl marilyn2 ariel pixies marylinja marylin2 marylin

Christmas pictures.
ch6 ch7 ch8 ch9

Well i hoped you guys liked my pictures.
I'm still trying and learning every day to become more pro.. It's my dream! haha.
Aniwayss i will try to update more this week, since i have too many lenses to post.. ugh
have a nice week everyone!


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